The best ways to become a real estate agent

If you wish to become an independent commercial real estate agent, two legal statuses are available to you: sole proprietorship and independent. 📝 Note: You can practice in society if you are a commercial agent in a sector other than real estate.

What is the best status for a real estate agent?

To exercise your activity as an independent real estate agent, several options are available to you depending on the legal status of your company: the sole proprietorship, the EIRL, the EURL and the SASU. If you associate with other professionals, you must form a company.

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What tax regime for a commercial real estate agent?

Microfiscal regime The taxation of an independent real estate agent falls under the “microfiscal regime” or “micro-BNC” model. Its main feature is that professionals benefit from an overall reduction in their turnover to take account of their expenses.

Become a real estate agent

Are you looking for a new job? You no longer thrive in your job and want to retrain? Or have you always dreamed of working in real estate, but never took the plunge? So why not become a real estate agent? Real estate agent is an exciting job that allows you to touch almost all aspects of the real estate field. Especially when it comes to real estate sales. You may be wonderinghow to become a real estate agentand what are the responsibilities of such a job, so here are the answers to your questions.


You will go through several stages, one of which will aim to allow you to take charge of a client. You will therefore learn to analyze the different profiles of your customers. You will also need to be able to analyze their emotions, in order to be able to adapt to each client. Communication is key.


The next step will of course be to successfully visit real estate. Because to sell, well, you have to have the fiber of a seller. It is not given to everyone to negotiate and convince a buyer in order to win a sale, far from it.


You will also be asked to master on your fingertips certain legal subjects, but also regulations related to the world of real estate. And of course, the most tedious, mastering with a master hand all that concerns the administrative part of the job.


Finally, the last key will be efficiency. As in any profession, it is true. But you, as a real estate agent, you will have to be particularly efficient from the beginning to the end of the visit, and even until the signing of the contract.

What is the status of a real estate agent?

The commercial real estate agent can only practice in his own name, so he only has 3 possible statuses: that of auto-entrepreneur; the IE (individual entrepreneur); the EIRL.

Carrying out your activity in your own name (sole proprietorship or EIRL) is a good compromise when the activity starts slowly. With these legal statuses, you can benefit from the micro-enterprise regime. This one offers several advantages thanks to its simplicity.

How to become a real estate agent without a diploma?

Becoming a real estate agent does not require any degree. The first thing to do is to create your business. Especially in micro businesses when you’re starting out. You must first sign a commercial agent contract with a real estate agency or a real estate network before registering.

Why go to a broker?

The broker makes it possible to obtain more advantageous conditions. It is worth remembering again: even with already very low credit rates, going through a real estate agent increases your chances of obtaining credit on more advantageous terms.

What is the commercial agent status?

A commercial agent is an independent profession A commercial agent is an entrepreneur. He cannot be under the subordination of the principal, this is the main characteristic that distinguishes him from the salaried seller (eg: a VRP = commercial).

The commercial agent is an independent. The commercial agent is a professional who is not linked to any relationship of subordination with his principal(s). A commercial agent is a business manager and can even benefit from ACCRE when setting up your business.

When exercising your activity as a commercial agent as an independent natural person, you are subject to income tax in the context of non-commercial profits (BNC).

The commercial agent can only maintain his auto-entrepreneur status if his turnover does not exceed €72,600 for 2 consecutive years. In addition, the commercial agent automatically becomes an individual entrepreneur and ceases to benefit from the micro-social and micro-fiscal system.

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