Little Fish Luna - A Bold and Powerful Jumper

Luna is a well-known small fish belonging to the Cyprinidae family that lives in the rivers and lakes of South America. He is able to swim against the current, which requires great strength and endurance. In addition, this fish can jump up to three meters high, which makes it one of the most unusual creatures in South America.

Luna is a traveler. In some lakes, it can be found more than a thousand kilometers from the rivers that fed it. Ancient texts speak of this small fish that travels great distances in search of better living conditions.

Lunas are very sociable fish and live in families. Each family has its own living space and often sails on rivers and lakes. They are very common in parts of South America and their presence can be an indicator of good water conditions.

Luna is a fish that fascinates and deserves to be better known. Take the time to educate yourself on your next trip to South America and marvel at this little fish that can jump more than three meters.

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