Tutorial how to easily create a multiservice company


What is a multi-service company?

As the name suggests, a full-service business is a business that involves offering various services in various business areas. Originally, this type of service called general service was done internally at the company level.

What state for a multi-service company? Almost all of the entrepreneurs who offer multi-services opt for the status of auto-entrepreneur. This status lends itself particularly well to multi-service activities due to its flexibility and simplicity, both for the creation process and for day-to-day management.

What is the hourly cost of freelance work? To determine your hourly rate, the calculation is as follows: (monthly rate of the desired remuneration) / number of hours billed in the month. This gives: (2000€ 650€) / 98 = 27€, which can be rounded up to 30€ per hour.

Which APE multiservice code? The APE 4339Z code is the same for a micro-enterprise and an SAS if the two structures carry out the same activity. There is no difference between enterprises and micro-enterprises.

Guide pratique

Take a course to start a business

If you want to embark on the creation of a business, you must be sure to do it in the best possible way. This will allow you to start your businessin good conditions, which is more reassuring when starting a business.

you will wonderhow to start a business. To have all the cards in hand and open a business, the best thing to do andgo through trainingdedicated exclusively tobusiness creation.

Indeed there are support platformssuch as livementor, which can help you start your business easily, regardless of your field of activity, whether fora multi-service company, a bakery or a clothing store you will bebest guided.

Indeed, this training system consists of having you accompanyby a mentor for 3 months, and you will have access to many online videos that will give you different tips to succeed in starting your business.

Thanks to your mentor, you will be able to askall the questionsthat cross your mind and he will answer you to reassure you and give youall of the informationwhich you need.

When you decide to start your business, you have to be carefulto a multitude of details, this is why going through the help of a training course will be a precious advantage to be sure to make the right decisions.

Registration on the platform to benefit from the trainingis very simple, you will only need to enter some personal information. Once registered, you can start your training whenever you want.

You have understood that the creation of a company is not to be taken lightly, it is aboutyour professional future. It is therefore imperative to anticipate and putall weapons on your sideto make your business successful.

How to create a multiservice?

The stages of building your multi-service micro-enterprise are quick to complete. In fact, all you have to do is make an auto-entrepreneur declaration online. If the activity of the multiservice auto-entrepreneur is commercial, then he must register his auto-enterprise with the Trade and Companies Register.

Which diploma to create a Micro-enterprise? To be able to access these professions, the entrepreneur must hold a CAP, a BEP or a diploma of higher or equivalent level. Good to know: If you have 3 years of experience in the construction sector that you wish to practice, you can become an independent contractor without a diploma.

How to calculate the price of a service?

There are two methods frequently used to set the price of a service: the hourly rate and the daily rate. The choice between these two calculation methods will depend on the nature of the mission and the circumstances of its execution.

How to calculate the cost of a service? The calculation will be based on the nature of the business. For a service: the hourly price must be calculated by adding a margin between 30% and 50% depending on the desired positioning and the level of skill.

How to calculate your price per hour? To find out the hourly rate of an employee, simply divide his monthly salary by the number of hours worked. The legal average is estimated at 35 hours per week or 151.67 hours per month. The final amount should give an idea of ​​what a person can earn in an hour.

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