VIDEO: Practical tips for making a postal bank transfer online

Requests for a ceiling increase can be made by email or by telephone to the account manager. In conclusion, postal banks do not impose any ceiling on transfers unless the law decides otherwise or for practical reasons such as lack of liquidity in the account.

How to make a transfer without Certicode plus?

SEPA transfer available for La Banque Postale customers:

  • By phone on 3639 (3): Have your username and password ready to prove your authenticity online on 3639 (3). …
  • At your usual post office: Go to your usual post office to transfer you.

How to make an instant La Poste transfer? Instant transfers are available in your Internet Customer Space and on your La Banque Postale mobile application.

How to make a single transfer with Bank Pos? From your personal space, click on the “Manage” tab then “Transfer” Select the type of transfer you want (one-off, permanent, etc.) Select the account to be debited for the transfer. Select the account to credit.

Why is Certicode plus mandatory? The Certicode Plus becomes mandatory for: Accessing your Business Customer Area (every 90 days) Carrying out binding transactions (additional beneficiaries, certain transfers, payment by 3D Secure online bank card, etc.).

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Why can’t I make an instant transfer?

Beneficiary banks do not accept instant transfers. … The account of the heir has been closed. You exceed the maximum amount for instant transfers.

How to be eligible for instant transfer? You can send instant SEPA transfers to anyone with an account in the SEPA zone, if the beneficiary bank offers this service to its customers.

What is the maximum amount for instant transfers? Instant and irrevocable SEPA transfers can be made 24 hours a day, 365 days a year: no cut-off times or non-working days. Within the limit of €15,000 per transaction, publishers are systematically notified in the event of refusal.

How to make a bank transfer with IBAN?

To receive the transfer, a simple delivery of your BIC/IBAN to a third party is sufficient to execute this transfer. Similarly, to issue a transfer, you need a beneficiary BIC/IBAN. You can do this directly from your secure customer area.

How do I deposit money into someone else’s account? Bank transfers can be made at a bank counter, by fax or by mail, via a Paypal account or even on the Internet. This last solution is practical because the principal is free of the opening hours of his bank.

How to enter the IBAN code? It is made up of a maximum of 34 characters (27 characters for accounts held in France, starting with FR followed by 2 characters and 23 old RIB numbers – bank code, branch code, account number and RIB key).

How do I put money in someone’s account?

This cash deposit consists of depositing money directly into your account, either at the counter or at an ATM. All you have to do is indicate on the slip the account number you wish to credit. A cash deposit is usually effective in your account the same day.

What is the risk of giving your IBAN?

Is it dangerous to give out your IBAN? The simple fact of giving your IBAN is not dangerous, because the bank needs it when a transfer or a direct debit must be put in place. The use of this code by banking establishments is completely secure.

Is the IBAN sufficient to transfer? To receive the transfer, a simple delivery of your BIC/IBAN to a third party is sufficient to execute this transfer. Similarly, to issue a transfer, you need a beneficiary BIC/IBAN.

How to find someone with their IBAN? It is not possible to verify the identity of the beneficiary of the transfer when submitting their BIC/IBAN. You must enter the exact IBAN provided to you. In case of doubt, do not hesitate to confirm with the heirs his bank details.

Is it dangerous to give bank details to make a transfer? It is possible to communicate your bank details without danger, or virtually. Insurance: The risks of holding a bank account statement are minimal. If someone has your bank details, they won’t be able to debit your bank account.

Can I obtain instant credit with La Banque Postale, as is the case for a transfer?

While some users of La Banque Postale particularly appreciate the functionality of instant transfers, we can however regret the fact that this bank does not offerinstant credit feature. Indeed, for this, it is necessary to turn to another solution that will allow you to obtain a certain sum in a very short time. To get to the bottom of it, we can only encourage you to read the following page: you will knowhow to get instant creditin the smallest details !

Indeed, with more and more French people who today need to have answers quickly togetting their credit, this solution is perfectly suited to their needs! Although the conditions are slightly different from what you may experience in a traditional bank, this can sometimes allow you to benefit from an immediate loan, without having to wait months or weeks for the bank to respond to you. Very clearly, we can say that this represents a boon for all those who would like to borrow in the coming days!

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